Gilberto Melendez (December 2, 1933 - June 14, 2016) was a Puerto Rican professional wrestler better known under the ring name Gypsy Joe.

Gypsy Joe was known for his longevity in the wrestling business. He was the first wrestler ever to jump successfully off a steel cage onto an opponent. He made his debut in the United States in 1963 after a lengthy career in Puerto Rico. In April 2003 Joe was involved in a memorable hardcore match with New Jack in which, due to Joe no-selling throughout the match, New Jack legitimately attacked the sexagenarian with a chain, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, and several other weapons.

In 2007, WWE Magazine named Gypsy Joe the world's oldest wrestler at the age of 73. He continued to actively wrestle until 2011, when he decided to finally retire.

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