Grizzly Iwamoto is a retired Japanese, female, professional wrestler.


A loyal soldier in two armies. A rookie in Dump's Super Bads and Bull Nakano's right-hand woman in Gokumon-to.

Tag Team Specialist

A successful tag team wrestler holding both the All Japan (with Drill Nakamae) and World tag team titles (with Bull Nakano and Aja Kong) for All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling.

Survival Shout in Korakuen

The violent and bloody war of Gokumon-to on August 19, 1990, featuring Bull Nakano and Grizzly Iwamoto taking on Aja Kong and Bison Kimura, is considered an All Japan all-time classic.

Grizzly also made appearances for Universal Lucha Libre and Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling.

In wrestling

  • Entrance Music
    • "Boss of the World" by AJW Music
  • Nicknames
    • "Grizzly"

Championships and accomplishments

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