GBOF 2017 Amore v Cass

This right here is Enzo Amore. His best friend attacked and betrayed him not once, but twice, and now he's serving up a mic-saber for a seven-foot hater against Big Cass at the first-ever WWE Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view.

The idea of Smacktalker Skywalker's “brother” turning to the dark side was almost unfathomable until about two weeks ago, when Corey Graves revealed Cass as the perpetrator behind the backstage attacks that had felled Enzo in consecutive weeks. The seven-footer doubled down on his treachery when Enzo attempted to mend fences, tossing his “little buddy” down the ramp and striking out on his own in the most heartbreaking fashion imaginable.

Now, as revealed in a exclusive, The Realest Guy in the Room gets a chance to say “how-you-doin’” to his former friend this Sunday in a battle that's sure to be heavy on emotion and long on odds for an Enzo victory. With Cass holding the size and strength advantage, it's a tough road for Muscles Marinara. But when it comes to toughness, you can't teach that.

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