The following is a listing of events that Goldust has participated in.


  • Dustin Rhodes was in New Japan Pro Wrestling




  • Superbrawl II: Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes defeated Steve Austin & Larry Zbyszko
  • Wrestlewar 1992: Sting/Rhodes/Windham/Nikit/Steamboat Defeated The Dangerous Alliance
  • Great American Bash 1992: Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham defeated Steve Austin & Rick Rude


  • August 30: Dustin Rhodes defeated Rick Rude(c)--United States Championship
  • Halloween Havoc 1993: Dustin Rhodes defeated Steve Austin


  • Slamboree 1994: Dustin Rhodes defeated Bunkhouse Buck in a Bullrope match
  • Halloween Havoc 1994: Dustin Rhodes defeated Arn Anderson


  • Uncensored 1995: Dustin Rhodes defeated The Blacktop Bully after the match they both got fired!
  • October 22 - WWF In Your House 4: Great White North Goldust pinned Marty Jannetty in Goldust's WWF debut


  • January 21-Royal Rumble: Goldust defeated Razor Ramon(c) __Intercontinental Championship__
  • March 13-Wrestlemania 12: Goldust vs Roddy Piper ended in a No Contest
  • June 23-King of the Ring: Ahmed Johnson defeated Goldust(c) __Intercontinental Championship__
  • August 18-Summerslam: Goldust defeated Marc Mero
  • September 22 - WWF In Your House 10: Mind Games at the CoreStates Center in Philadelphia: The Undertaker pinned Goldust (w/Marlena) in the Final Curtain



  • March 29-Wrestlemania 14: Marc Mero & Sable defeated Goldust & Luna
  • October 18-Judgment Day: Goldust defeated Val Venis
  • December 13-Rock Bottom: Jeff Jarrett defeated Goldust


  • February 14-St. Valentine's Day Massacre: Goldust defeated Bluedust
  • March 28-Wrestlemania 15: Roaddog(c) defeated Goldust & Ken Shamrock & Val Venis in a Fatal 4 Way for Intercontinental Championship
  • Goldust left the WWF


  • Went to WCW for a little bit as SEVEN


  • January 21-Nitro: Dustin Rhodes joined WCW
  • February 26-Nitro: Dustin Rhodes defeated Jeff Jarrett
  • March 18 - WCW Greed in Jacksonville, FL: Dusty & Dustin Rhodes beat Ric Flair & Jeff Jarrett in a Kiss My Ass Match where Jarrett kissed Dusty's ass after the match
  • March: Dustin Rhodes leaves WCW


  • January 20-Royal Rumble: Goldust entered at #2 Eliminated by Undertaker
  • February 17-No Way Out: Rob Van Dam defeated Goldust
  • March 28-Wrestlemania 18: Maven vs Goldust ended No Contest
  • August 25-Summerslam: Lance Storm & Christian defeated Booker T & Goldust to retain World Tag Team Championship.
  • September 22-Unforgiven: Kane, Booker T, Goldust, & Bubba Dudley defeated The Un-Americans
  • October 22-No Mercy: Chris Jericho & Christian defeated Booker T & Goldust to retain World Tag Team Championship
  • December 15-Armageddon: Booker/Goldust defeated Jericho/Christian & Storm/Regal & Dudleyz to win the World Tag Team Championship.


  • February 3 = WWE Raw in Washington: World Tag Team Champions Lance Storm & William Regal defeated Booker T & Goldust when Storm pinned Goldust to retain the titles. In accordance to a pre-match stipulation, Booker T and Goldust disbanded as a team since they did not win the titles.
  • March 17-Raw: Triple H defeated Goldust
  • May 26-Raw: Goldust defeated Christian
  • December 2003- Goldust is released from WWE


  • February 4-NWA TNA: Jeff Jarrett defeated Dustin Rhodes(debut) to retain the NWA Heavyweight Title
  • December 17-TNA impact: Dustin Rhodes defeated Johnny Swinger
  • December 31-TNA Impact: Dustin Rhodes defeated Marco Cordova


  • January 16-TNA Final Resolution: Dustin Rhodes defeated Kid Kash
  • February 13-TNA Against All Odds: Raven defeated Dustin Rhodes
  • March 13-TNA Destination-X: Dustin Rhodes defeated Raven in a Bullrope Match
  • April 24-TNA Lockdown: Dustin Rhodes defeated Bobby Roode in a 2/3 Blindfold Cage Match
  • November 1-Taboo Tuesday: Batista defeated The Coach w/Goldust & Vader


  • January 29-Royal Rumble: Goldust enters at #29, Eliminated by Rob Van Dam
  • April 30-Backlash: Goldust defeated Rob Conway in a pre-show match
  • June 14-Goldust is released again from WWE


  • October 14- TNA Bound for Glory: Abyss defeated Rhino, Black Reign(Goldust) & Raven
  • November 11-TNA Genesis: Abyss defeated Black Reign
  • December 2-TNA Turning Point: Abyss & Raven defeated Black Reign & RELLIK


  • January 6-TNA Final Resolution: Kaz defeated The Black Reign
  • March 9-TNA Destination X: Eric Young & Kaz defeated Black Reign & Rellik
  • April 13-TNA Lockdown: Black Reign participated in the Cuffed in the Cage Match
  • July-Black Reign left TNA because he missed being Goldust
  • October 26-Cyber Sunday: Goldust was one of the choices to face Santino Marella for the Intercontinental Championship.
  • December 18 - FCW at the FCW Arena in Tampa: Goldust pinned Mike Kruel


  • January 25-Royal Rumble: Goldust Enters at #17, Eliminated by Cody Rhodes


  • March 28-Wrestlemania 26: Goldust participated in the Battle Royal before the show
  • October 24-Bragging Rights: Ted Dibiase defeated Goldust


Date Event Match Match type Title
February 22 Fast Lane 2015 Goldust defeated Stardust Single -
February 26 WWE Smackdown Goldust defeated Adam Rose Single -
March 16 WWE RAW Mark Henry defeated Adam Rose, Alex Riley, Curtis Axel, Darren Young, Fandango, Goldust, Heath Slater, Jack Swagger, Kane & Titus O'Neil Battle Royal -
March 30 WWE RAW Rusev defeated Goldust Singles -

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