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The Gauntlet match as was defined by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), is a battle royal-style match. When it involves title implications, such as a title on the line or contendership for a title, it is called a Gauntlet for the Gold. This is different from the other type of Gauntlet match by WCW and WWF in the 1990s.

Match format

Different from the other Gauntlet match in which one competitor faces several others, the Gauntlet for the Gold match is very similar to WWE's Royal Rumble match. It consists of two competitors entering the ring and fighting for a set amount of time (usually 3 minutes, but varies), following which competitors enter the ring at 90-second intervals.

Elimination is in the standard battle royal format in which a competitor must go over the top rope and hit the floor in order to be eliminated. This can occur both by a competitor being thrown by an opponent out of the ring or by a competitor voluntarily eliminating himself. If a wrestler falls to the floor without going over the top rope or is thrown over the top but does not fall to the floor, the competitor may re-enter the ring and continue the match.

The final portion of the match consists of the last two competitors squaring off in a regular singles match in which victory must be attained by pinfall or submission. No official ruling has been declared on interference or disqualification, but due to the booking of such matches and the brevity of the actual final portion of the match, neither potential outcome has ever been an issue.


The Gauntlet for the Gold can be held in many formats and for many purposes. The most basic format involves an undetermined number of competitors (usually between 10 and 25) competing for either a title or title shot.

There is also a tag team variation of the Gauntlet for the Gold. A single wrestler enters one at a time at predetermined intervals. when all but two competitors are eliminated, the partners of the two survivors return and the match becomes a standard tag team match.

At Bound for Glory (2005), the Gauntlet Match was fought as completely elimination-only, since the winner had to immediately face the NWA World Heavyweight Champion for the title.

There was also an Ultimate X Gauntlet at Victory Road with over-the-top-rope rules and after all 10 participants entered the match, it became a standard Ultimate X match, with the remaining entrants in the match competing in it.

Sometimes, the time intervals for X Division Gauntlets are 1 minute each.

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