Garage Professional Wrestling (GPW) is a British professional wrestling promotion based in the north west of England. The promotion was set up by former British wrestler - "The Middleman" Lee Butler - in February 2003. However, in August 2004, Butler left the promotion and wrestling for good. It is now run by Johnnie Brannigan, but with Richard Noble being the public facing name.


The promotion runs shows all over the north west of England, mainly in the Greater Manchester area. It has developed a large, passionate fan base and has gained a reputation for one of the best story telling wrestling companies in Europe, with second to none character development. Its shows are known for their addictive and progressive story lines, superb production values, mixed with hard hits, high flying, comedy and a very strong connection between their audience and their characters.

On average, it runs between 10 and 12 shows per year with the main story line shows taking place in Wigan at The Monaco Ballroom. GPW has established several flagship shows that it has become very well known for, such as: Crazy Cruiser-8 (one night 8-man tournament show), Only The Strong Survive (survival themed show) and A Few Good Men (a Royal Rumble themed show).

GPW is credited with having started off many of today's British and American independent wrestlers careers. These names include: Bubblegum, El Ligero, Claudio Castagnoli, Juggernaut, Joey Hayes, "Dangerous" Damon Leigh, Heresy, TJ Cain, Juice, Dylan Roberts, "The Model" Danny Hope, Jiggy Walker, JC Thunder, Cameron Knite and many more.


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