Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA) is an British promotion. It was created in 2003 as the Fratton Wrestling Association and was later changed into the Frontier Wrestling Alliance.

In 2007 the FWA lost an inter-promotional pay-per-view event to International Pro Wrestling (IPW) and according to the stipulations of the event the losing promotion was forced to close. However, two years later in 2009 the FWA re-opened and remains running to this day.

FWA is a small local promotion, but along with its founder, Mark Sloan, has helped produce some stars who have gone onto have success in mainstream promotions in America.


Current champions

Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event

FWA World Heavyweight Championship 

Martin Stone

Andy Simmonz February 13, 2010 British Uproar
FWA Flyweight Championship  Vacant


The promotion follows the penalty card system from football/soccer, with referee showing a yellow card, which serves as a warning and a red card which results in a disqualification.

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