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2008: Frightmare made his first CHIKARA appearance on the November 16, 2008 show in Wallingford, although it was a rather short one. Being brought to the ring on a chain by Hallowicked, once released he ran through the crowd before leaving the venue and disappearing into the darkness. Very little was known about the youngster, although his loyalty to Incoherence, especially Hallowicked, became apparent on CHIKARA's season finale shows, when he showed no fear in fighting the man who stole Wicked's mask, Brodie Lee, even if it earned him a big boot in the face and a loss in his CHIKARA debut.

2009: Frightmare became a regular fixture on the CHIKARA cards at the start of 2009, forming a team with his mentor Hallowicked. He picked up his first win by defeated Grizzly Redwood in a tag match, using a deadly reverse rolling prawn hold, and soon after he put in strong performances against Brodie Lee (again, lasting longer than the previous time) and Ophidian. However, outside of his one initial pin over Grizzly, Frightmare's winning ways were practically nonexistent. This all changed on the April 26th show when he scored a shock pin over Brodie in an Incoherence vs. Roughnecks trios match.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Super Frankensteiner
  • Step-Up Frankensteiner
  • Tope con giro
  • Kneecolepsy (Standing Moonsault Double Knee Drop)
  • Tomb Smasher (Crucifix Bomb)
  • Dropkick
  • Prawn Hold
  • CHIKARA Special
  • Nicknames

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