The Freebird Rule is a professional wrestling angle where a stable of three (or more) wrestlers can hold and defend a tag team championship on a rotational basis. That is, any two members of the stable can defend and possibly lose the championship regardless of which two members originally won them. Typically all members will be recognized at the champions.

The angle was named after the Fabulous Freebirds during their tenure in various regional promotions in the National Wrestling Alliance. Though it's likely that the Midnight Express express were the first to use the angle.

Notable examples


Sometimes promotions adapt this rule to other style of championships to mixed success. Single championships have been co-held by two wrestlers, though typically only one is recognized as the official champion while the co-holder merely fills up for a given reason. Most high profile examples are Chyna and Chris Jericho co-holding the WWF Intercontinental Championship (though the WWE does not recognize the reign) and Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian co-holding the Impact X Division Championship.

In 2017, the Bullet Club invoked "Bullet Club Rules" to allow Cody, Kenny Omega, & Marty Scrull to defend the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship despite Adam Page & The Young Bucks holding the titles, but Page & the Young Bucks are still only recognized as the champions.

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