Fred Marzino is an American retired professional wrestler, who competed in the 1970s and 1980s. Best known for his appearances in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE)


Marzino started his professional wrestling career in the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) at the time. However, he didn't call the attention of then owner Vince McMahon, Sr., following this, he was put as a mid-card jobber in WWWF programming since the beginning of his career, and debuted in 1976, working two matches in the same night, clearly on the losing side. After those matches, Marzino disappeared from WWWF programming. Marzino returned to the WWWF in 1978, in a loss to Butcher Vachon.

Marzino finally gained his first victory in late 1979, when he and SD Jones defeated another jobber tag-team. Later the World Wide Wrestling Federation was renamed World Wrestling Federation, dropping Wide. In 1980, Marzino was taken backstage in a stretcher in a match against Ken Patera, in where Patera defeated Marzino via submission.

Marzino was primarily featured at house shows during the 1980s, but he kept doing occasional appearances in WWF programming, mostly in the WWF syndicated program, WWF All-Star Wrestling which featured top-tier talent defeating jobbers. His biggest win during this period, was when he defeated fellow masked jobber Mr. X.

Marzino later ventured outside the WWF, working for International Championship Wrestling but he only wrestled one match at ICW, which was a loss to Dory Funk, Jr., and later returned to WWF the following month, wrestling his last match, in a loss to George Steele at a house show. Marzino then, retired from wrestling. As of today, Marzino is no longer involved in the wrestling business.

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