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Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Special Events Center, commonly known as Frank Erwin Center or UT Erwin Center, is a multi-purpose arena on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin. It is also sometimes referred to as "The Drum" or "The Superdrum", owing to its drum-like appearance from outside (not to be confused with Big Bertha, the large bass drum used by the University of Texas marching band). The facility is primarily the home court for the UT men's and women's basketball programs.

Television Programs

Date Event Attendance
April 28, 1990Saturday Night's Main Event
May 12, 1990Superstars of Wrestling
May 19, 1990Superstars of Wrestling
May 26, 1990Superstars of Wrestling
December 28, 1991Superstars of Wrestling
January 4, 1992Superstars of Wrestling
January 11, 1992Superstars of Wrestling
January 18, 1992Superstars of Wrestling
June 22, 1998RAW is WAR10,891
June 27, 1998Shotgun Saturday Night
November 22, 1998Super Astros
February 10, 2000SmackDown12,337
February 13, 2000Heat
July 24, 2000RAW is WAR
July 29, 2000Jakked
January 1, 2001RAW is WAR9,512
January 6, 2001Jakked
March 4, 2002RAW8,849
March 9, 2002Jakked
December 2, 2002RAW
December 8, 2002Heat
November 8, 2004RAW4,300
October 7, 2005SmackDown
October 8, 2005Velocity
February 4, 2008RAW13,552
February 11, 2008RAW13,552
April 7, 2009ECW
April 10, 2009SmackDown
May 31, 2010RAW13,124
December 20, 2010RAW
October 24, 2011RAW
August 16, 2012Superstars
August 17, 2012SmackDown
August 25, 2012Saturday Morning Slam
July 22, 2013RAW
July 26, 2013Superstars
December 18, 2013Main Event
December 23, 2013RAW
August 4, 2014RAW
August 7, 2014Superstars
January 20, 2015Main Event
January 22, 2015SmackDown
April 6, 2015RAW
April 9, 2015Superstars
October 20, 2015Main Event
October 22, 2015SmackDown
August 16, 2016Main Event
August 16, 2016SmackDown
December 5, 2016RAW
December 6, 2016Main Event
December 4, 2018SmackDown
December 5, 2018205 Live
June 3, 2019RAW
June 5, 2019Main Event

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