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The Filthy Animals was a professional wrestling faction in World Championship Wrestling from 1999 until 2001.


The stable was created during a major feud with another stable known as the The Deadpool. They later mainly feud with The Revolution, which was composed of Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Shane Douglas and Perry Saturn.

The Filthy Animals consistently played the role of anti-heroes, usually pulling pranks and hijinks on villains and fan favorites alike. They would steal wallets and mock older wrestlers. They broke into Ric Flair's locker room and stole one of his famous entrance robes, which they took turns wearing and imitating Flair's signature strut and "Wooo!".

Eddie Guerrero invented some of his more memorable shtick while with the Filthy Animals, including his famous fake chair knock out (he would knock his opponent out with a chair while the ref was distracted, then drape the chair on their unconscious body, and pretend to be knocked out himself, usually with the ref turning around just in time to see his opponent waking up wondering why they were holding a chair and getting disqualified. Eddie would, from time to time, open one eye to peek or wink to the crowd and gesture them to "shhhh!").

The group had also released an album featuring all of their WCW themes, rapped by themselves.

Split and reunions

Some of the Animals have teamed up with each other in different promotions after the sale of WCW, including a stint in WWE in which Rey Mysterio and Kidman reunited, and even a period where Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero won the WWE Tag Team Championship.


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