The inaugural Fight for the Right Tournament in 2006 consisted of three stages. The first stage of the tournament was a Reverse Battle Royal, with three parts. The first part had all 18 participants start outside the ring and fend off opponents in an attempt to get into the ring. When seven wrestlers have entered, other competitors are eliminated and it becomes a traditional battle royal with over-the-top-rope eliminations. When all but two are eliminated, it becomes a singles match, the winner of which advances directly to the final (third stage) of the tournament.

Stage two consists of a single-elimination tournament consisting of the six wrestlers eliminated in the second part of stage one. The pairings were determined by their order of elimination in the first stage. The first round featured singles matches and the final was a Triple Threat match. The winner of the tournament is then decided in the tournament final: a singles match between the winner of stages one and two.

The entire tournament was held on TNA Impact!. Stage 1 occurred on October 26, Round 1 of Stage 2 on November 2, and Stage 2 Final and Stage 3 on November 9.

  • Stage 2 - Single-elimination tournament
  • Round 1
  • Ron Killings defeated Lance Hoyt
  • A.J. Styles defeated Chris Sabin (this match was also for Sabin's TNA X Division Championship
  • Bobby Roode defeated Christoper Daniels.
  • Round 2
  • A.J. Styles defeated Ron Killings, and Bobby Roode
  • Stage 3 - Tournament Final
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