The February 27, 2020 NXT UK results was a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's NXT UK brand which aired on the WWE Network on February 27, 2020.


After making some disparaging comments at the expense of Wild Boar & Primate two weeks ago, The Grizzled Young Veterans found themselves in an all-out slugfest against The Hunt. Despite the tag team aggression of their animalistic opponents, the first-ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions rose above and hit Ticket to Mayhem for the three-count.

Jack Starz demonstrated tremendous speed and strength in his battle against Kassius Ohno, but The Wrestling Genius taught him a lesson in technique when he made his prey tap out to the Kassius Clutch for another impressive win.

As captured in a Exclusive last week, A-Kid approached The Brian Kendrick and attempted to express his admiration, only to have Kendrick throw it back in his face.

In a resulting matchup between the two Superstars this week, A-Kid slipped out of the Captain’s Hook and slingshot himself over the top rope with an earth-shattering DDT for the big victory.

Hungry to finally regain the NXT UK Women’s Title from Kay Lee Ray, Toni Storm put it all on the line and agreed to NXT UK’s first-ever “I Quit” Match. Per a pre-match stipulation, a loss meant that Storm would not be allowed to challenge the Scottish titleholder for as long as she was champion.

In the height of the knockdown, drag-out showdown, KLR tied Storm’s hands behind her back with athletic tape and unleashed a new level of pain with the help of a steel chair. The pure brutality soon brought NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint, Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala and finally Piper Niven to ringside in order to plead with Storm to say the words “I quit” before she got seriously hurt. Finally, encouraged by the urging of Niven, Storm realized she had no choice but to relent and hand the win to the relentless Women’s Champion.


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