The FTW Tag Team Championships are a tag team based championship in Full Throttle Wrestling. The FTW Tag Team Championships were introduced into FTW in a tournament where Twist of Torture (Ken the Killer and Kiz) faced off against the unlikely team of Nick Corvo and Stu St.Clair on June 11, 2008, at FTW Apocalypse. Nick Corvo was a last minute replacement by Chad Jamison for Thew Carvell. Your standard tag team division for wrestlers who are serious about competing against other stellar tag teams in a competitive environment. The tag titles are defended occasionally on weekly episodes of FTW programming, so being in a tag team doesn't necessarily hold a wrestler from back from meaningful singles pursuits.

Championship History

As of April 2, 2020.
Wrestlers Date Won Date Lost
Shoot 2 Kill (James Magnum and Ravi Moon) March 23, 2011 Current Champion
The Core (Ryan Corey and Brandon Kraus) October 14, 2010 March 23, 2011
The Core (James Mitchell Cornett and Ryan Corey) September 15, 2010 October 14, 2010 (4)
Cheap Heat (Sam Horrey and Ryan Matthews) July 27, 2010 September 15, 2010
Saints Of Destiny (Nick Malone and Yula Volkova) April 07, 2010 July 27, 2010 (3)
Access Denied (Vasilissa and Code) April 01, 2010 April 07, 2010 (2)
Criminal Intent (Vasilissa and Legion) January 27, 2010 April 01, 2010 (1)
Liquid Courage (Bobby Heart and Patrick Malone) December 31, 2009 January 27, 2010
Patrick Malone and Stu St.Clair December 31, 2008  ????
Censored Angels (Diablo and Bobby Mitchell) October 29, 2008 December 31, 2008
Golden Brew (Patrick Malone and TK Williams) August 20, 2008 October 29, 2008
Manifest Destiny (Ravi Moon and Joseph Rios) July 17, 2008 August 20, 2008
Habeas Corpus (Nick Corvo and Stu St. Clair June 11, 2008 July 17, 2008

FTW Championships


  • (1) Legion is replaced by Code, team changes name soon after.
  • (2) GM Chad Jamison strips Access Denied of the Tag Titles.
  • (3) Nick Malone and Yula Volkova win the Lethal Lottery Finals to be named the new tag champions.
  • (4) James Mitchell Cornett vacates his half of the tag titles. Kraus wins trial Series to replace him.
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