Extreme Wrestling Alliance (E.W.A) was a professional wrestling company based in Geelong formed in 2003. It held shows at the Lyric Nightclub, the Geelong Arena and the Geelong Showgrounds before folding.


The EWA held its first show at the Lyric Nightclub on January 30, 2003. Consistent with the rules of the venue, the audience was limited to adults 18 years old or older. The content was basically hard core with open expletives uttered by the wrestlers and a hardcore main event. This content continued through the next two shows on March 13 and April 24. On March 13 a match was held to crown the first EWA champion. Called the Royal War, it began as a Royal Rumble style match until the number of wrestlers remaining was down to six. Then it became a hardcore elimination match which was won by the Jungle Cat.

A scheduled show for the end of May was cancelled due to the Nightclub undergoing renovations. In the long term this would lead to the closure of the venue later in the decade. The EWA needed a new venue and they opted for Geelong's main indoor sporting venue, the Geelong Arena. In order to be able to secure the venue, the EWA was forced to change it's content to a family orientation. The show on August 16, 2003 failed to secure the crowd that was needed to make a profit.

The last show was held at the Geelong Showgrounds on October 16, 2003. This was during Geelong's Royal Agricultural Show and was presented in two parts, in the morning and in the afternoon. During this presentation, the EWA crowned tag team champions in a tournament, and they crowned a Geelong Agricultural Society champion in a battle royal.

But before another venue could be secured, the founder Chris Barnes - who wrestled as Jesus and under a mask as Barry Bin Laden - suffered a broken leg upon being thrown out of the ring in a battle royal at a show in Melbourne. The break was so serious it ended his career and the promotion quickly died. It was also rumoured that one person who worked for the promotion as it's authority figure was stealing money from the EWA. That same person appeared at other promotions and then disappeared as these rumours gathered strength in 2004. But this was never confirmed.

There has been no Geelong based promotion since.


Championship Champion(s) Date Won Location
EWA Heavyweight Championship Jungle Cat March 13, 2003 Geelong, Victoria, Australia
EWA Geelong Agricultural Society Championship Jesus October 19, 2003 Geelong, Victoria, Australia
EWA Tag Team Championship Steve Valek & Insaino October 19, 2003 Geelong, Victoria, Australia
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