ER 2015 Ziggler v Sheamus

There may not be a championship on the line when Dolph Ziggler battles Sheamus at Extreme Rules, but there is something just as valuable at stake: pride. Because on Sunday, April 26, one Superstar will walk out the victor and one Superstar will be faced with complete and utter embarrassment when the two intense warriors battle in a Kiss Me Arse Match.

Since returning to WWE, the new-look Sheamus has set his sights on the “little guy,” inflicting pain on competitors who he considers WWE's smaller Superstars. Unfortunately for The Showoff, he was one of The Celtic Warrior's first targets, receiving a White Noise and Brogue Kick after his match on the March 30 Raw.

Despite suffering the brutal assault, a determined Ziggler returned to the ring with a vengeance less than two weeks later, helping lead his team to victory over Sheamus’ side in a Six-Man Tag Team Match. In response, the Irish tormentor inflicted another post-match attack a few days later on the embattled Ziggler, laying out the bleach-blond Superstar at ringside with a head-spinning Brogue Kick.

A fed-up Ziggler took aim at Sheamus with a scathing speech on SmackDown in London, prompting the mohawked Superstar to challenge the former World Heavyweight Champion to the first Kiss Me Arse Match at Extreme Rules. Traditional singles match rules will apply for the contest, but with a very untraditional stipulation: the loser must kiss the winner's arse. There may not be anything more humiliating for a competitor to do than have to kiss his adversary's backside. And at Extreme Rules, either The Celtic Warrior or The Showoff will be forced to go through with this extremely embarrassing act in front of the entire WWE Universe.

At WWE's most extreme event of the year, will Sheamus back up his claim that bigger is better? Or will Ziggler steal the show and demonstrate to his larger rival that it's the size of a Superstar's heart that really matters?

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