Extreme Rising (formerly Extreme Reunion) is an independent wrestling promotion founded in 2012 by wrestling personalities Shane Douglas & Cody Michael, brothers Steve & Mike O'Neill, & producer Kevin Kleinrock (the "5 guys" of 5 Guys Wrestling, Inc.). Each had a designated role within the company: Douglas and Michaels handled the booking of wrestlers, and along with Kleinrock, molded the Extreme Rising talent roster and storylines. Mike O’Neill handled the direction and execution of the most effective street team in the history of pro wrestling, as well as live event production. And, Steve O’Neill handleed all production for the live events, as well as post production, and media, and marketing. However, it has been reported that Steve O'Neill currently controls the promotion.

Meant to fill the void of hardcore wrestling left behind by the defunct-Extreme Championship Wrestling, Extreme Rising assembled a roster of ECW alumni, such as Raven, The Sandman, Stevie Richards, Jerry Lynn, among others. The first show was held on April 28, 2012, at the National Guard Armory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which served as a stand-in for the ECW Arena (which was undergoing renovations at the time).

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