Sable in an Evening Gown Match at In Your House 21: Unforgiven

The Evening Gown Match is not all that unlike the Bra and Panties match. The object of this contest, however, is to simply strip off your opponent's evening gown from her body (rather than stripping her usual ring attire).

History of the Evening Gown match

No. Match Event, date and location
I Luna Vachon (with Goldust) defeated Sable in (2:50) In Your House 21: Unforgiven, April 26, 1998, Greensboro, North Carolina
II Sable defeated Jacqueline WWE Raw, September 14, 1998
III Tori defeated Ivory WWE Friday Night SmackDown!, August 26, 1999
IV Nicole Bass defeated Debra WWE Raw, May 3, 1999
V Sable defeated Debra, but Shawn Michaels declared Debra the winner because she lost her dress first. As a result, Debra became the Women's Champion WWE Raw, May 10, 1999
VI Al Snow defeated Droz in an Evening Gown Match to retain the WWE Hardcore Championship WWE Raw, June 12, 1999
VII The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young defeated Ivory in a Handicap Match WWE Raw, September 27, 1999
VIII Miss Mona defeated Madusa in a New York Evening Gown Match WCW Monday Nitro, October 18, 1999
IX Madusa defeated Oklahoma WCW Thunder, January 12, 2000
X Pat Patterson vs. Gerald Brisco in a Hardcore Evening Gown Match. Crash Holly snuck in to win the WWE Hardcore Championship King of the Ring 2000, June 25, 2000, Boston, Massachusetts
XI Daffney Unger defeated Ms. Hancock in a "Wedding Gown" match Bash at the Beach 2000, July 9, 2000, Dayton Beach, Florida
XII Midajah defeated Queen Bea World Wrestling All-Stars, April 12, 2002, Melbourne, Australia
XIV Taylor Vaughn defeated Bruce for the Miss TNA Crown TNA event, April 12, 2002, Nashville, Tennessee
XV Lilian Garcia defeated Howard Finkel in an Evening Gown/Tuxedo Match to become the ring announcer WWE Raw, August 22, 2002
XVI Violet defeated One Dirty Bitch Pro Wrestling America, December 7, 2002, Minneapolis, Minnesota
XVII Krystal Frost defeated Jazmynn Viktoria NWA East, February 15, 2003
XVIII Cheerleader Melissa defeated Chris Colioni in an Evening Gown/Tuxedo Match All Pro Wrestling Holiday Hell, October 25, 2003, Hayward, California
XIV Nexus defeated Larry Angel Extreme Wrestling Entertainment, October 29, 2003, St. Johns, NF
XV Hellcat defeated Missy Hyatt BANG, November 27, 2003, Ocala, Florida
XVI Torrie Wilson & Sable defeated Miss Jackie & Stacy Keibler in a "Playboy Evening Gown Match" WrestleMania XX, March 14, 2004, New York, New York
XV Cheerleader Melissa defeated Larry Blackwell in an Evening Gown/Tuxedo match All Pro Wrestling, December 4, 2004, Hayward, California
XVI The Slackers (Chad Bowman and Dino Devine with Angela) defeated The Holy Rollers (Earl The Pearl and Ramblin Rich with Jim Christian) Maryland Championship Wrestling Xtreme Measures, May 7, 2006
XVII Angela defeated Cris The Cross Dresser Dangerous Women of Wrestling, May 24, 2006
XVIII Christy Hemme defeated Big Fat Oily Guy Against All Odds 2007, February 12, 2007
XIX Luscious Latasha vs. Lea Morrison was declared a No-Contest Top Rope Wrestling, July 21, 2007
XX Nikki Roxx (Evening Gown) defeated Sean Gorman (Tuxedo) in a Ballroom Blitz Match NECW Birthday Bash 7: Caged Fury, August 18, 2007

Gorgeous George defeated Pussy Willow WEW PPV Newark,NY June ??, 2004

Maria defeated Sosay OVW TV 2005

Sara defeated Josh YouTube November 29, 2009

Kayla defeated Lana MEWF ??? 

Tommy Furr b. aManDa in a Gay man vs Transwoman Evening Gown Match Freakshow Wrestling Las Vegas, NV. June 9, 2012

Taeler Hendrix b. Epiphany for the OVW Women's Championship Ohio Valley Wrestling: July 7th, 2012 Saturday Night Special Results


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