Erich Kulas (October 17, 1979 – May 12, 2002) was a professional wrestler using the ring name "Mass Transit".

Professional wrestling career

Mass Transit incident

Axl Rotten had been scheduled to work a tag team match with D-Von Dudley against The Gangstas (New Jack and Mustafa Saed), but could not make the show due to traveling issues. Erich Kulas, a wrestling fan who had just turned 17, told ECW owner and booker Paul Heyman that he was 23 and convinced Heyman to allow him to fill in for Rotten by lying that he had been trained by Killer Kowalski, a retired star wrestler who ran a notable wrestling school in the Boston area. Heyman stated afterward that he was unaware of Kulas' real age. Kulas performed as Mass Transit, a Ralph Kramden-esque bus driver gimmick.

Before the match, Kulas asked New Jack to blade him since he never had done it himself, and New Jack agreed. During the match, Dudley and New Jack brawled outside the ring, while Saed and Transit fought inside the ring. The match was booked as a squash and Dudley was quickly isolated outside the ring. The Gangstas then double-teamed Kulas inside the ring, with New Jack pummeling him with crutches, toasters, and various other objects in the hardcore style ECW was known for. At the end of the match, New Jack bladed Kulas with a surgical scalpel, as the two had agreed, but cut too deeply and severed two arteries in Kulas' forehead. Kulas screamed in pain, then passed out as blood poured from his head.

According to New Jack in an interview with RF Video, he told Kulas "This is not a good idea" prior to the match.

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