Eric Tuttle (July 15, 1982), often known by the ring name Towel Boy, is an American professional wrestler and personality. He was initially hired in ECW to help setup and take down the wrestling ring and to towel off the ropes between matches to make the ropes less slippery for high-flyers. As he toweled off the ropes in front of crowds, he gained popularity and eventually became part of storylines and a wrestler.


Extreme Championship Wrestling (2001)

Tuttle was part of a storyline which culminated with Tuttle assisting Tommy Dreamer in defeating CW Anderson at Guilty as Charged 2001.

Combat Zone Wrestling (2001-2003)

Tuttle wrestled several matches as Towel Boy and even formed a tag tag with Hurricane Kid known facetiously as The Super Heavyweights.

Ring of Honor (2002)

In early 2002, Towel Boy was taken in by Prince Nana as one of the first members of The Embassy. However he quickly let Nana down and Nana chased him out.

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