EC 2019 The Miz & Shane v The Usos

Against all odds and maybe some initial better judgments, The Miz & Shane McMahon clawed their way to the top of SmackDown's Tag Team division by dethroning The Bar at the Royal Rumble, validating The A-Lister's claims that they were “The Best Tag Team in the World.” Unfortunately, they're about to go up against a tandem that long since staked a claim on that moniker, without the quotes.

The Usos — SmackDown's longest-tenured tag team and arguably its most dominant — will challenge the “Co-Besties” for the blue tandem titles at WWE Elimination Chamber, having won the honor in a Four Corners Tag Team Elimination Match that pitted Jimmy & Jey against The Bar, The New Day and Heavy Machinery. In an ironic, potentially disastrous twist, it was Shane-O-Mac who suggested that idea in the first place, which makes sense in a certain light: He was the SmackDown Commissioner for two years, and he worked hard to turn Team Blue into The Land of Opportunity.

With his & Miz's pride and joy up for grabs against a dangerous tandem, he may well regret giving the nod to the two brothers who can turn their dream run into a very, very rude awakening.

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