EC 2019 Strowman v Corbin

Will Baron Corbin get these hands? Or will Braun Strowman learn a thing or two about underestimating the former Raw Acting General Manager? At WWE Elimination Chamber, it's monster vs. wolf when Braun Strowman gets hands on Baron Corbin.

Following months of aggression, which included Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley shattering Strowman's elbow with a savage assault, the raging war between Strowman and Corbin will combust in singles action at the February 17 pay-per-view. After the events of WWE TLC, there has been no love lost between The Monster Among Men and The Lone Wolf. To start off the year, Corbin cost Strowman his Universal Title Match and left him with a $100,000 fine by way of some nefarious mind games. The rivalry got uglier on the Jan. 28 edition of Raw, when Corbin and McIntyre plopped The Gift of Destruction atop the steel steps with a double chokeslam. However, retribution was served a week later when Strowman fired back with his own steely attack and sent each Superstar crashing onto those same steps.

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