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El Dorado is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion that is seen as the evolution of dragondoor. Most of El Dorado's wrestlers are graduates from Ultimo Dragon's Toryumon Gym, and thus the promotion is based on a Junior Heavyweight style with varying emphasis on high flying maneuvers, flashy technical grappling, and submissions.


El Dorado was announced on February 23, 2006 to replace dragondoor after the latter failed to get off the ground. The new promotion aimed to expand upon the "event" premise of dragondoor. While El Dorado is still in its experimental stages, the eventual hope is to become a full time, touring group. The "next door project," as it has been touted, is run by Noriaki Kawabata and uses an expanded version of dragondoor's roster. After having three "pre-debut" shows, El Dorado named their July 16 show The Creation of El Dorado in order to commemorate their official opening. Using a fast-paced, high-impact style, and a union of young, but talented wrestlers, El Dorado looks to make a big splash in the near future.


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