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Roberto Gutiérrez Frías is a Mexican professional wrestler who has had most of his success in Lucha Libre as El Dandy.


He was a mainstay with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre with feuds with major stars like Satánico, El Hijo del Santo and Emilio Charles, Jr. He also had a run with World Championship Wrestling and had a hand in training WWE's Lita. He had a brief run in WCW with Silver King as Los Fabulosos in which they were managed by Stacy Keibler and he was also a member of the Latino World Order. Dandy became somewhat of a cult figure in smark circles after Bret Hart said "Who are you to doubt El Dandy? during an interview where Gene Okerlund was asking about challengers for his U. S. title. After leaving WCW, he went back to Mexico as part of Asistencia Asesoría y Administración but left after a year to work as an independent. In 2004, his match against L.A. Park was voted Box y Lucha's match of the year.


Championships and accomplishments

Luchas de Apuestas record

Luchas de Apuestas
Wager lost/wonWinnerLoserWhereDateNote
Hair/MaskEl DandyCaballero Rojo & YancoMexico City1982-
HairEl DandyCaballero RojoMexico CitySeptember 1982-
HairEl DandyEl GuerreroAcapulco, GuerreroFebruary 2, 1983-
HairEl DandyDardo AguilarMexico CityMay 29, 19831
MaskEl DandyMóduloMexico CityJuly 31, 1983-
HairEl DandyMóduloMexico CityAugust 7, 1983-
HairEl DandyJoel GarcíaMexico CityDecember 14, 1983-
hairEl DandyJavier CruzMexico CityOctober 26, 19842
Hairs & maskEl Dandy, Fuerza Guerrera
& Emilio Charles, Jr.
Tony Arce, Vulcano & Lemús IIMexico CityJuly 1985-
HairEl DandyGran CochisseMexico CityDecember 1985-
HairEl DandyJavier CruzMexico CityAugust 31, 1986-
HairsLos Misioneros de la Muerte
El Signo, El Texano & Negro Navarro
El Dandy, Talismán & Jerry EstradaMexico CitySeptember 5, 1986-
HairEl DandyAristóteles IAcapulco, GuerreroMarch 18, 1987-
HairEl DandyHombre BalaUnknownAugust 1987-
HairSatánicoEl DandyMexico CityOctober 1987-
HairsEl Dandy & Javier CruzRizado Ruiz & Rudy ReynaAcapulco, GuerreroMay 4, 1988-
HairEl DandyBestia Salvaje Mexico CityOctober 2, 1988-
HairEl DandyEmilio Charles, Jr. Mexico CityJuly 28, 1989-
HairEl DandySatánico Mexico CityDecember 14, 1990-
HairSatánicoEl DandyMexico CityDecember 6, 1991-
HairEl DandySatánicoMexico CitySeptember 18, 1992-
HairEl DandyLa Fiera Mexico CityNovember 27, 1992-
HairEmilio Charles, Jr.El DandyMexico CityOctober 29, 1993-
HairEl DandyBabe FaceMexico CityAugust 1, 1996-
HairEl DandyChicago ExpressMexico CitySeptember 3, 1996-
HairEl Hijo del Santo El DandyMexico CityDecember 6, 19963
HairAntifaz del Norte El DandyMonterrey, Nuevo LeónSeptember 17, 2000-
HairEl DandyBrazo de PlatinoCuernavaca, MorelosMay 30, 2001-
HairLa Parka El DandyNuevo Laredo, TamaulipasApril 6, 20014
HairEl DandyNegro NavarroTlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico StateSeptember 3, 2001-
HairEl DandyEl EnterradorNaucalpan, Mexico StateFebruary 14, 20025
HairPerro Aguayo, Jr. El DandyMonterrey, Nuevo León20046
HairEl Hijo del SantoEl DandyTijuana, Baja California2004-
  1. Draw, both wrestlers lost their hair
  2. Three way match with El Hijo del Santo
  3. Three way match with Negro Casas
  4. Three way match with Bestia Salvaje
  5. Last two wrestlers in a ten-man cage match
  6. Four way match with El Zorro and Hátor
  • He has also won the hair of César Dantés once, Apolo Dantés twice, Pirata Morgan twice and has one other hair win over Satánico

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