The following is a collection of events that Eddie Fatu has participated in.


  • In 2002 - Fatu trained to become a professional wrestler at the "Wild Samoan Pro wrestling Training center operated by his Uncles, Afa and Sika.
  • The next year, both Fatu and his co Matt were brought into the WWF to take part in an angle with Solafa Fatu, Jr, Fatu's brother and Matt's cousin, that ended up being quickly dropped.
  • In 2002 the team was brought back to the (now renamed) World Wrestling Entertainment as 3-minute Warning, a pair of enforcers for Raw manager Eric Bischoff.


  • In Later June 2003 Fatu was released from his WWE contract in June 2003, reportedly after his involvement in a bar fight.


  • In December 2007, Fatu re-signed with WWE.
  • Fatu returned on the April 3, 2006 as Umaga.
  • July 2nd 2007, Umaga beat Marella to win the Intercontinental Title .


  • In June 23, 2008, Umaga was drafted from the Raw brand to the Smackdown brand, as a part of the 2008 WWE Draft.


  • On the January 30, 2009 episode of SmackDown, Umaga returned to action with his unstoppable persona and won his return match against Jimmy Wang Yang.
  • On June 8, 2009, Umaga was released from his WWE contract yet again. It was later revealed that this was due to violation of the Wellness Policy; even though this was only his second failure, his refusal to enter rehabilitation led to his premature dismissal.
  • Fatu was found not breathing with blood coming from his nose and was rushed to the hospital. Fatu was pronounced dead around 7:00 PM central time on December 4, 2009 after suffering a second heart attack.
  • Following his death Fatu's WWE page was moved to the Alumni section.

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