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The Dunkin' Donuts Center (formerly Providence Civic Center and also known as The Dunk), is an indoor arena, located in downtown Providence, Rhode Island, United States. It was built in 1972, as a home court for the emerging Providence College men's basketball program, due to the high demand for tickets to their games in Alumni Hall, as well as for a home arena for the then-Providence Reds, who played in the nearly fifty-year old Rhode Island Auditorium. Current tenants include the Providence Bruins, of the AHL and the Providence College men's basketball team.

In 2001, the arena was named the Dunkin' Donuts Center as part of a naming-rights deal with Dunkin' Donuts. In December 2005, the Rhode Island Convention Center Authority purchased the building from the city of Providence and spent $80 million on an extensive renovation. Major elements of the construction included a significantly expanded lobby and concourse, an enclosed pedestrian bridge from the Rhode Island Convention Center, a new center-hung LED video display board, a new restaurant, 20 luxury suites, four new bathrooms, and all-new seats with cupholders in the arena bowl. Behind-the-scenes improvements included a new HVAC system, ice chiller, and a first-of-its-kind fire suppression system. These renovations were completed in October 2008.

In 2010, the arena hosted first and second-round games of the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament for the first time since 1996.


Television Programs

Date Event
May 18, 1998WCW Nitro
February 4, 1999WCW Thunder
February 11, 1999WCW Thunder
October 25, 1999RAW is WAR
January 20, 2000SmackDown
March 13, 2000WCW Nitro
August 14, 2000RAW is WAR
March 22, 2001SmackDown
July 16, 2001RAW is WAR
February 25, 2002RAW
January 20, 2003RAW
July 15, 2004SmackDown
February 28, 2005RAW
April 10, 2007ECW
April 13, 2007SmackDown
November 24, 2008RAW
November 25, 2008ECW
November 3, 2009ECW
November 5, 2009Superstars
November 6, 2009SmackDown
January 31, 2011RAW
June 14, 2011NXT
June 16, 2011Superstars
June 17, 2011SmackDown
October 24, 2012Main Event
October 26, 2012SmackDown
July 17, 2013Main Event
July 19, 2013SmackDown
January 13, 2014RAW
January 17, 2014Superstars
April 21, 2015Main Event
April 23, 2015SmackDown
August 25, 2015Main Event
August 27, 2015SmackDown
July 18, 2016RAW
July 21, 2016Superstars
August 15, 2017SmackDown
August 15, 2017205 Live
December 18, 2017RAW
December 20, 2017Main Event
April 17, 2018SmackDown
April 17, 2018205 Live
October 22, 2018RAW
October 24, 2018Main Event
May 21, 2019SmackDown
May 21, 2019205 Live

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