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James Moorhouse (February 22, 1991) is a British professional wrestler, currently working for various independent companies in the United Kingdom.


Training and Alternative Wrestling World

Wynter began training in 2013 at the age of 22, under the tutelage of Kevin O'Neil at Alternative Wrestling World (AWW) in Netherton. Wynter cites Jonny Storm, Johnny Saint, Chris Hero and others as people who have also taught him over the years.

Wynter debuted for AWW in 2015, where he took part in a Festive Rumble for the promotion, making it to the final four and last eliminating Omari before being eliminated. He would take part in various feuds over the next few months, finally leading to him competing in his first main event championship match at AWW's debut show in Halesowen as he took on then-AWW British champion Mickey Rowley for the title, but would come up short.

In 2017, Wynter would compete in a feud with The Judge which he cites as a big turning point for him. Losing most of these matches, he would eventually defeat The Judge at that year's High Stakes event, which to this day was the last appearance in AWW by The Judge. Wynter adorned a new costume, came to the ring with a cloak and began being announced as "The Emperor" Drake Wynter, a moniker he still carries to this date. In an interview with the Babyface app, he would cite Dragon Ball Z character Frieza as his inspiration for this persona.

Drake would go on a 2 year winning streak following this victory over The Judge, defeating AWW staples such as Mickey Rowley, Troy Jones and Brody Cross, defeating the latter to become AWW Academy champion in late 2018. This winning streak would end at November Reign 2018 when he was defeated by former WWE and Impact wrestling star, Bram. However, this would not halt his momentum as he would hold the Academy championship for over 8 months before losing it to Troy Jones in a 30 minute encounter at High Stakes 2019.

Wynter would spend the next 5 months continuing to defeat the new upstarts from the AWW Academy, before defeating Troy Jones at Under Siege 2019 to become the new AWW Academy champion.

Various independent companies

Drake's first venture out of AWW would come in the form of Academy Pro Wrestling in Telford. Here would lose to the likes of Josh Bradford, Evelyn and Mickey Rowley, before starting a winning streak, including defeating Danny Devine & Lord Graham Thomas in one of both men's last wrestling appearances before retiring.

In the summer of 2018, he would debut for multiple many promotions, including Megaslam, where he would be defeated by Alton Thorne at the beginning of the night, but then after Liam Carr was being beaten up by Stixx, Dan Evans, Thorne and Diamond Dave Andrews; Drake, CJ Banks and Danny Hudson would make the save, leading to an 8-man Tag Team match, in which Drake, CJ, Danny and Liam would defeat Stixx, Evans, Andrews and Thorne.

He would debut for Fight Factory Wrestling in October 2018 as part of the Dee Mansell Memorial Rumble, where he would form an alliance with Damian Valentine and Kelvin to dominate that match, and Wynter alone would eliminate three of FFW's champions.

Coventry Pro Wrestling

Drake would debut for Coventry Pro Wrestling (CPW) in 2018 at a carnival fun day CPW were running in the summer of 2018. After a few more appearances for the promotion, CPW would announce Drake was signed on as a full time member of the roster, and immediately received a championship match against then-CPW Next Gen champion Alex Connors, in a losing effort. Drake would lose the next few matches, before turning heel and teaming with Bashby to defeat George & Morris. Drake would compete in a Death Row match in early 2019 for CPW's Golden Ticket, a match won by Isaac Quinton III, but this would not derail Drake. He would go on to defeat CPW fan favourite Morris in a series of matches, eventually losing to Morris at CPW's first "over-18s show" Secret Society. Drake would return to Dhillon's Brewery to challenge for the CPW Next Gen champion Russell Hardwood in a Love Shack match, in a losing effort. One week later, he would receive another championship opportunity, which came in the form of a Fatal 4 Way match for the CPW Galaxy championship. Drake would win this match and become the new CPW Galaxy champion. After defeating Bashby to retain it, he would lose to Morgan Black in the first round of the 2019 CPW Ruler of the Galaxy tournament in November 2019. In December 2019 he would team with The Iron Serb, Kevin Isaac and Alex Connors, to take on Frankie Summers, Eli Connors, Dr. Gage and Mr. Ace in an 8-man Tag Team match. Drake would get the win, only for the CPW Golden Ticket holder Lucia Lee to storm the ring, cashed in her contract and beat the exhausted Drake to become the new CPW Galaxy champion.

In 2020, Drake would begin to team with Mickey Rowley & Axl Steel and the three formed a group called The Empire, and quickly they assisted Drake in capturing the CPW New Blood championship.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Empire's Judgement (Sit Out Pop-Up Powerbomb)
  • Signature moves
    • Brain Knocker (Brainbuster to the Knee)
    • Fall of the Empire (Fireman's Carry Jackknife)
    • Spinebuster
    • Lucky 13
    • Texas Cloverleaf
    • Brummy Curse (Irish Curse)
    • Cryolator (Wasteland)
    • Back Destroyer (Backdrop Backbreaker)
  • Nicknames
    • "The Backbreak Kid"
    • "The Emperor"
    • "The Gatekeeper of the Academy"
  • Entrance themes
    • "Hell to Pay" by Drowning Pool
    • "Body Bag" by Beartooth
    • "The Empire Rises" (original theme)
    • "Legends Rise" by Godsmack

Championships and accomplishments

  • Coventry Pro Wrestling
    • CPW Galaxy Championship (1 time)
    • CPW New Blood Championship (1 time)
  • Phoenix Wrestling Association
    • PWA Wrestle Aid Championship (1 time)

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