A photo of Dr. Cube's Posse.

Danger can happen! Dr. Cube's Posse is the evilest evil within Kaiju Big Battel. Heading up this clearinghouse of wickedness is the misanthropic mad scientist, Dr. Cube. Cube's three-step plan to self-actualization includes world domination by means of genetic modification, financial crime, and terrorizing mankind with his giant, city-crushing monsters.

Kaiju in Dr. Cube's Posse

Dr. Cube's Posse is the preeminent force of chaos in the Universe and the vehicle by which Dr. Cube will rule the Earth. Dr. Cube's Posse counts in its ranks such Kaiju luminaries as Championship Belt holder Hell Monkey, the towering Napalean, and several hundred thousand mindless followers known as Minions. Dr. Cube's Posse encourages all humans a chance to join Cube before its too late.


  • Dr. Cube: Founder and creator of the entire Posse

Current Posse Members

Former Posse Members

  • Zombie Pablo Plantain: The zombie Plantain rejoined his brother Pedro Plantain after Dr. Cube threw him out.

Dead Members

Historical Moments

  • The Capture of SDS-1
  • The Killing of Sky Deviler
  • The Stealing of Sky Deviler's Egg, which hatched into Baby Sky Deviler.
  • The mind control of Silver Potato
  • Murder and Zombification of Pablo Plantain
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