Dr. Cube is a wrestling gimmick used by several wrestlers in Kaiju Big Battel where he a mainstay major villain. Since Dr. Cube is played by different wrestlers every show, there can be a lot of differences in Dr. Cube's size, body type, and even gender. What is consistent is a giant cube head, which is made of cardboard and features a painted-on angry expression. Dr. Cube typically wears hospital scrubs, but not always.

Dr. Cube is not just a heel character in KBB. His symbol of Cube skull over crossbones is one of the central logos of Kaiju Big Battel.

His motivation is that of a main villain intent on world domination. He plans to achieve this world domination is to create new Kaijus through genetic manipulation or bio-engineering. He also will capture existing kaiju monsters and brainwash them into evil. Dr. Cube is the head of Dr. Cube's Posse, the main villain stable.

Originally, Dr. Cube was the result of a Nazi bio-engineering experiment during World War II. German scientists had customized a genius genome and grew his inside a test tube. But when Cube was a toddler, the Allied forces won the war and Cube was placed in an orphanage where he was adopted and raised by English parents.

His parents noted that Cube was extremely intelligent, but also reclusive, sickly, socially stunted, and stuffered from severe acne attacks. They decided to home-school him. By the time he entered high school, Cube was a self-made polymath in a variety of scientific disciplines. He ignored traditional teenage activities to keep focusing on biology and microorganisms.

When he finally left home for college, Cube studied cosmetic surgery, hoping to learn how to repair the unsightly acne pockmarks on his cheeks. But he quickly grew bored with the slow pace of higher education. After two months at a top-tier university, he'd already absorbed four years worth of lessons. One dreary Saturday night, Cube decided to take matters into his own hands and make his face as sublime as his brain. He anesthetized himself and started cutting.

A freak earthquake, allegedly caused by a nearby Kaiju rumble, botched the operation. This left Cube with severe scars and rodent-like mutilation. When Cube looked in the mirror, he saw the features of a dying leper wrapped around the mind of vibrant genius. Kaiju Big Battel psychologists speculate that it was this gory sight that drove him mad.

Recently, KBB has recognized that there are multiple Dr. Cubes with at least one being in their Northern division and another in the Southern Division.


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