Double underhook powerbomb is an Powerbomb in professional wrestling.


The wrestler faces a bent over opponent, and underhooks the opponent's arms with both arms. The wrestler then lifts the opponent in the air and flips them over, throwing them back down and driving the back and shoulders of the opponent to the ground. The wrestler may also fall to their knees as they slam the opponent down. This move is also known as a Butterfly powerbomb.

But one move that is more impact than the common double underhook powerbomb, is called Lifting and Spinning Sitout Double Underhook Powerbomb or Tremendous Bomb. Named after an 18 year old wrestling fan and inventor in the Philippines. this move is preformed, when a wrestler faces a bent over opponent, and Clutch the opponent's arms with both arms, then lift the opponent, turn right, sit and spin the opponent on the left for greater impact, body first to the mat and hook the right leg for the pin.

A sitout double underhook powerbomb is known as a Tiger Driver.

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