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The wrestler spins 360° while they jump and land their leg across an opponent's chest, throat, face, or head.

Another variation, dubbed the Twisting Leg Drop, sees the user spin 180° to the inside of the attacking leg before hitting the leg drop. This would mean that the user approaches a prone opponent from the opposite side of a normal running leg drop that uses the same leg. This move is also called the Revolving Leg Drop or Corkscrew Leg Drop.

Rob Van Dam utilizes this maneuver, jumping from the ring apron, the ringside barricade, or the second or top rope onto an opponent, who is usually laid out on the ground, hanging over the ring apron/ringside barricade, laying supine on the announcers' table/regular table, or trapped in the ring ropes. He also uses a standing version, but only on occasion.

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