The Wet Dream Team is the name Austin Aries chose for the 2013 tag team formed with his rival from the previous year, Robert Roode. After Aries defeated Roode for a championship he later lost, the pair gained and lost the world tag titles and now are in the process of splitting as they compete for a chance to regain their lost world heavyweight championship. July 13 they were also referred to repeatedly by the alternate team name the Dirty Heels by the members of Bad Influence.


Background (2012)

July 8 at Destination X 2012 Aries cashed in his X Division Championship to challenge Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Championship. Aries succeeded in doing so, ending Roode's reign which was the longest on record for that championship.

December 27 they had a match together but it ended in a no-contest.

Teaming (2013)

January 10 they tagged together but were defeated by the team of Jeff Hardy and James Storm.

January 13 at Genesis 2013 they were in a triple-threat contending for Jeff Hardy's championship, but Hardy retained.

January 25 they defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Hernandez to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship.

February 14 they battled each other but the match ended in a double countout.

March 21 they defended their titles against the former champions.

April 11 they lost their titles back to Chavo and Hernandez.

April 25 they lost their rematch for the tag titles against Chavo and Hernandez.

May 9 they had a contendership match for the tag titles against Bad Influence that ended in no contest.

May 30 they teamed up with Bad Influence against the 4-man team of Chavo & Hernandez and Storm & Gunner but lost.

June 6 in a 3 versus 3 match they teamed with Kenny King against Chris Sabin, Jeff Hardy and James Storm but lost.

July 11 they had to face each other, with Roode winning as his teammate Kazarian (whom he had been allies with previous in Fourtune) pinned fellow Bad Influence member Christopher Daniels, Aries' tag partner that night.

On July 18 at Destination X 2013 they are slated to face each other as part of the Bound for Glory 2013 series, in a (non-title this time) rematch of their match at the previous year's Destination X.

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