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The December 3, 2020 NXT UK results was a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's NXT UK brand which aired on the WWE Network on December 3, 2020.


The unhinged Saxon Huxley matched Rampage Brown's strength in this battle between two of NXT UK's biggest bruisers, who also showed off impressive agility at their size, highlighted by a top-rope clothesline from Huxley to give him the upper hand. But Huxley went to the well one too many times as Brown caught him off the top on his second attempt, planting him with a massive powerslam before hitting his patented gutwrench powerbomb for the hard-fought win.

The upstart Aleah James grounded Aoife Valkyrie early and had her on her heels as the match progressed, perhaps catching the dynamic Valkyrie off-guard as one of her first opponents able to match her quickness. James nearly scored an upset with a Northern Lights suplex, though Valkyrie kicked out and fought back with a series of strikes and a massive spinning heel kick to set James up for her vaunted top-rope leg drop.

Joe Coffey and Alexander traded their best in an all-out war between members of Gallus and Imperium with the rest of both factions banned from ringside. The Iron King made his strategy clear early on, raining down on Wolfe with thunderous lefts and rights until Wolfe took control with a cheap attac as the referee tried to separate them in the corner.

Coffey's versatility was well on display as he unleashed a spectacular step-up springboard crossbody. A second try proved costly, though, as Wolfe countered in mid-air with a massive uppercut before spiking him with a Death Valley Driver for a near-fall. Though Coffey hit All the Best for the Bells moments later, the signature strike sent Wolfe tumbling to the outside and allowed him enough time to recover for a kickout after Coffey dragged him back into the ring.

Following with a huge catapult shoulder block and the Glasgow Sendoff, Coffey hit his finishing maneuver once more to turn Wolfe inside out and finally keep him down for the count.

With retribution on their mind, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster wasted no time, immediately taking the fight to their former friends turned rivals, Primate and Wild Boar. The former NXT UK Tag Team Champions looked no worse for wear in their first tag team action since January, dishing out an emotionally charged array of high-octane offense, including jaw-dropping tope con giros in stereo.

However, the presence of the mastermind Eddie Dennis at ringside proved to be the ultimate x-factor. Not only did The Welsh Dragon help Boar back into the ring to help break up a pin after a devastating double-team attack by Andrews & Webster, Dennis also knocked Andrews from atop the ropes to allow Primate to blast him with a huge Spear. From there, Wild Boar tagged in and the vicious unit unleashed a powerful double toss powerbomb for a major statement victory.


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(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.

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