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The December 17, 2020 NXT UK results was a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's NXT UK brand which aired on the WWE Network on December 17, 2020.


Landing the same back suplex that she used for a recent win over Xia Brookside, Isla Dawn scored a near-fall against Kay Lee Ray. But The NXT UK Women's Champion regained control with a tornado DDT before wearing The White Witch down with a Kojia Clutch. Blasting Dawn with a superkick, The Scary Queen of Scots put her foe away with a Gory Bomb for an impressive win.

The unhinged Saxon Huxley pummeled Jack Starz until missing a big elbow drop, allowing Starz to tag in Levi Muir for a barrage of fiery uppercuts. Starz was eventually able to catch the much larger Huxley by surprise with a sunset flip, and with Muir's help, scored a pinfall.

Enraged by the loss, Huxley attacked his opponents, drawing out Dave Mastiff to confront Huxley. Mastiff went toe to toe with Huxley, eventually forcing him to flee the ring.

A-Kid issued a challenge to WALTER, and it didn't take long for the NXT United Kingdom Champion to answer him in the ring. Though WALTER complimented the first-ever NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion's showcase of technical prowess and passion in his courageous tournament run, he also was insulted that A-Kid dare suggest the Spanish Superstar could compete with him. WALER vowed to end A-Kid's fairytale should he face off with The Ring General.

Rampage Brown's ruthless, smash-mouth style was on full display, as he elevated Josh Morrell seemingly to the rafters of BT Sport Studio with a jaw-dropping back body drop, then leveled him with a nasty facewash kick. The unstoppable onslaught continued with Brown adding a win to his unblemished resume following the Doctor Bomb.

Once again showing a renewed aggression behind the leadership of Eddie Dennis, The Hunt were off to a quick start with The Welsh Dragon directing traffic at ringside. Primate & Wild Boar unleashed a cerebral assault while taking cues from their sinister handler, isolating Mark Coffey and dominating with frequent tags.

Dennis' involvement later became physical, as he prevent Wolfgang from delivering a potential slam to Wild Boar. But Gallus teammate Joe Coffey came to ringside and took down Dennis to even the odds. With the referee preoccupied with The Iron King, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster achieved a measure of retribution against The Hunt, knocking them both down from their perch on the top rope in the blink of an eye. Gallus followed by flattening Boar with an enziguri-powerslam combination for the win.

Tag team warfare broke out afterward, as Pretty Deadly interrupted Gallus' celebration — only to be met by fisticuffs from Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter. Gallus got their blows in as well, cleaning the ring of Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley and standing tall.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
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