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David Penzer is an American wrestling ring announcer. He is perhaps best known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Impact Wrestling.

Career history

Penzer attended the University of Florida, graduating with a C+ average. While in university, Penzer operated a mobile disc jockey company. He debuted as a ring announcer in 1988, appearing with the Global Wrestling Alliance in the South Florida metropolitan area.

Penzer first became involved with World Championship Wrestling while acting as a booking agent for Floridian jobbers who appeared at WCW events. Penzer was eventually hired by Tony Schiavone in 1995, and was mentored by Gary Michael Capetta. When Capetta was released from WCW in 1996, Penzer was appointed main ring announcer by WCW President Eric Bischoff. His announcing attire was notable in that, rather than the traditional black, Penzer often wore a vibrantly colorful cummerbund with his tuxedo.

Penzer's place at wrestling events usually remained strict to announcing; however, in late 1997, Chris Jericho found himself on a losing streak and would repeatedly attack Penzer for announcing the winner's name, often taking Penzer's steel chair and repeatedly bash it against the ring post. He would then give humorous apologies and even gave Penzer a new suit jacket as a gift yet would once again throw a tantrum soon after. Penzer remained with WCW until the promotion was purchased by the World Wrestling Federation in March 2001. In the course of his WCW career, he attended every single taping of WCW Monday Nitro. Following the sale of WCW, Penzer worked with the X Wrestling Federation until it closed. He then began working on the independent circuit as a booking agent, in addition to acting as the manager of Roddy Piper's book tour and appearing with the short-lived World Wrestling All-Stars promotion.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2006–2010)

In 2006, Penzer joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as a ring announcer, making his debut on the pre-show of Against All Odds on February 12, 2006.

Penzer could technically have actually won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship when he picked up the belt after it dropped during a '49ers Box' title match between Booker T and Jeff Jarrett. Luckily, the mistake was not made into an angle, and Booker T was declared champion.

On May 16, 2010, Penzer was released from TNA.

Retrun to Impact Wrestling (2017)

Penzer returned to Impact Wrestling (previously known as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) as a ring announcer at the April 21 Impact Wrestling television tapings.

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