David Isley is a American Professional wrestler.


Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (1986-1991)

Isley started his wrestling career in Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, wrestling as the masked Thunderfoot. He began with a midcard push had regular victories over The Italian Stallion, American Starship Eagle, and Brady Boone. He tagged with Abdullah the Butcher for a couple of NWA World Tag Team Championship matches against The Rock 'n' Roll Express but failed to capture the titles. In 1987 he became more of a television enhancement talent and regularly put over more popular workers. Though he still got occasional victories at house shows.

He formed The Thunderfoots tag team with Gene Ligon and continued working under the mask, but he also began working under his regular David Isley name.

World Wrestling Federation (1988-1991)

From 1988 to 1991, while working as enhancement talent on World Championship Wrestling, he also worked as a jobber on WWF Superstars of Wrestling and WWF Wrestling Challenge.

All Japan Pro Wrestling (1992)

Isley did a tour of AJPW, participating in the 1992 Champion Carnival tournament, losing all his matches and scoring 0 points. Although during the tour he did win a few tag team matches and got a singles victory over Masao Inoue. When he returned from Japan, he worked a few dates for the Universal Wrestling Federation as Viper II.

Carolinas (1995-2000)

In the late 90s, Isley continued to work for independent promotions in North Carolina and South Carolina under both his regular name and as the masked Thunderfoot, sometimes as both in the same card. He participated in the WrestleReunion shows in 2005.

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