Danny Woodward (May 2, 1984) is an English professional wrestler known for his work in companies such as PCW, BCW and One Pro Wrestling under the ring name Danny Hope. Hope is part of the tag team The Models with Joey Hayes. Danny is one of the highest rated wrestlers in the country working with some of the best the UK has to offer including the likes of El Ligero, Red Lightning, Wolfgang, Kris Travis and Martin Kirby and was also in a Royal Rumble match for PCW which included the ECW Hardcore Legend and Former WWE and TNA Wrestler Tommy Dreamer.

In wrestling

  • Signature moves
  • Blue Steel
  • Catwalk Kick
  • Tassel-icious
  • Elton Bomb
  • Calvin reKleiner (Boston Crab)
  • Uranage backbreaker
  • Nicknames
  • "Delicious"
  • "Mr Tastle-Tastic"
  • "The Model"
  • Tag teams

Championships and accomplishments

  • FSW Tag Team Championship
  • GPW British Championship
  • GPW Tag Team Championship
  • NWL Elite Tag Team Championship
  • SAS Tag Team Championship

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