Damien Kane (April 16, 1960) is an American former professional wrestler and manager. He is perhaps best known for his stint in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Professional wrestling career

Early years

After being trained in Killer Kowalski's Malden, Massachusetts-based school, Kane debuted in the International Wrestling Federation in 1980. While in the IWF, Kane wrestled against prominent wrestlers such as Dominic DeNucci, Larry Zbyszko and The Valiant Brothers.

Independent circuit

After his stint in the IWF, Kane began to work throughout the independent circuit. After joining the Continental Wrestling Alliance and winning the promotion's World Tag Team Championship with Sweet Daddy White, Kane met future tag team partner DC Drake. After both worked for the CWA, Kane and Drake moved on to the National Wrestling Federation, where Kane performed booking, television production and wrestling for the promotion.During his time in the NWF, Kane met a young Paul Heyman, who was working for the promotion as a photographer and commentator, and helped establish Heyman as a manager under the name Paul E. Dangerously name.

Extreme Championship Wrestling

Due to his relationship with Heyman, Kane later ended up working for him in Extreme Championship Wrestling, where he was best known for managing The Headhunters as well forming a tag team with Devon Storm. Together, Kane and Storm successfully defeated the Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray and D-Von) by disqualification (a rare occurrence in ECW) at A Matter of Respect and later feuded with the Bad Crew, a tag team he had formerly managed.

In late 1996, Kane and his wife Lady Alexandra left ECW after making "inappropriate remarks" towards the then recently fired Missy Hyatt. The pair made their last appearance at Natural Born Killaz on August 24 when, following Devon Storm's loss to Louie Spicolli, Kane was attacked by Spicolli.


Relocating to Florida shortly thereafter, Kane and Alexandra later moved with their son Damien, Jr. to Texas to pursue an acting career in early 2007.

In wrestling

  • Nicknames
    • "The Godfather" Damien Kane
    • "The Godfather of Extreme"

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