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Dale Byron Oliver is an American music composer who works for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. (the backing band of the American country music group BlackHawk), Oliver serves mainly as a composer of theme music used in professional wrestling.


Music composer for TNA

Since 2003, Oliver writes, records, and produces music under contract exclusively for TNA Wrestling. Like his counterparts Jim Johnston (WWE), Harry Slash (ECW), and Jimmy Hart (WWF & WCW) before him, Oliver writes the majority of TNA's event and wrestler theme songs and has done so since the company's inception. Oliver plays the instruments and provides the vocals for most of the theme songs himself.

In 2010, Oliver collaborated with TNA superstar Jeff Hardy and his band, Peroxwhy?gen. They collaborated on 2 songs, a remix of the song Modest by Hardy and a remix of the Peroxwhy?gen song Another which Hardy now uses as his entrance theme.


TNA has released five albums containing Oliver's work during his TNA tenure.

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