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Dahlia Black was a New Zealand female professional wrestler. She retired in 2018.


Dahlia was employed at PROGRESS Wrestling, though she dos occasionally show up at other wrestling promotions. In PROGRESS, she served as the valet and tag team partner of TK Cooper, who is also her out of kayfabe boyfriend. She also does singles matches. though; competing against the likes of Toni Storm and Pollyanna.

She had a PROGRESS Women's Championship match against Toni Storm on 8/10/2017, which she lost, and was struck by a chair from Jinny shortly after. This was the first title match she had for the Championship she helped create.

Dahlia Black has also had a tryout for the WWE in 2016, alongside TK Cooper and other names such as Viper, Dakota Kai, and many others.

As she is a New Zealand native, she has to apply for visas every few years. This happened to her previously while still employed by PROGRESS; during one of her greatest stretches in the company. A documentary about said time period can be found here.

Personal life

She is dating a fellow professional wrestler TK Cooper (contrary to popular belief that they are married, which is debunked on her Twitter page numerous times), who she met in her home country of New Zealand while training to become a professional wrestler (which isn't very common in NZ).

She is also close friends, and occasional teammates, with Dakota Kai, otherwise known in the independent scene as Evie, who is also from New Zealand.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • All Black Bomb
    • Dark Side of the Moonsault

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