David Daniel Cahill aka DC Dillinger was an American professional wrestler.


DC Dillinger was best known for his work in New England Championship Wrestling, where he was the premier member of Sean Gorman's "Dynasty Of Champions" and a cult favorite of New England wrestling fans.

While Dillinger was a mainstay of New England Championship Wrestling, he also made appearances for Top Rope Promotions, Squared Circle Wrestling, Independent Wrestling Entertainment, Assault Championship Wrestling and Wrestling On Fire.

His biggest success came as a member of Sabotage, with Eddie Edwards. They held the NECW Tag Team title on 4 occasions, and are the most successful team in the company's history. In a drunken interview with NECW announcer Chris Norman, DC described the team as "the new age Tully and Arn". He also went on to hold the title with former enemy Brian Fury and rookie Nick Fahrenheit.

Dillinger also held both versions of the NECW title, both the Heavyweight (from John Walters and Triple Crown (from Evan Siks), holding both titles for a combined 245 days.

On September 12, 2015, Sabotage were awarded the NECW Legends award.

DC Dillinger passed away, Sunday, August 14th, 2016.

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