Mélissa Shank (born August 3) is a French-Canadian female professional wrestler best known as Dézirée .

Professional wrestling career

Northern Championship Wrestling (2011-2015)

Making her debut in 2010, Shank joined the roster in Northern Championship Wrestling. Wrestling as Deziree, her first NCW match was on August 20, 2011 at NCW SummerStorm, teaming with Angie Skye & Mary Lee Rose in a tag team match defeating Kalamity]], Kira & Milou. On the November 12 edition of NCW, Deziree teamed with Rocky Stone in a mixed tag team match, defeating Angie Skye & Pitbull Brando. During 2012, she wrestled almost solely in tag team matches. In 2013, she wrestled only three matches including a Four Way match at NCW Tag Team Turmoil on January 5, defeating Angie Skye, Kalamity and Mary Lee Rose. On February 9 at NCW Power Play 2013, Deziree wrestled a Hockey Stick On A Pole match won by Mary Lee Rose. On July 6, 2013 at NCW Femmes Fatales XII, Deziree teamed with Midianne to defeat Leah Von Dutch & Xandra Bale. In 2014, Deziree wrestled two matches including singles match on April 19 at NCW Femmes Fatales XIV, ddefeating Mistress Belmont. On October 25 at NCW Femmes Fatales XVI, Deziree teamed with Bettie Rage in a tag team match won by Kira & Mary Lee Rose. On February 7, 2015, Deziree formed a permanent tag team with Bettie Rage, becoming known as Mental And Muscles. The won a Three On Two Handicap tag match teaming with Stacy Thibault against Les Super Heroines De La Lute (Kira & Mary Lee Rose). On August 1 at NCW Festi Lutte - Show #1, Deziree entered her first title match, challenging for the NCW Femmes Fatales International Championship in a #1 Contendership Four Way match won by Jessika Black. Two months later on October 3, Deziree met the champion Jessika Black for the NCW Femmes Fatales International title in a title match won by Black.

Wrestling facts

  • Nicknames
  • "Special D"
  • Finishing and signature moves
  • D-Spot
  • Managed by
  • Teamed with

Championships and accomplishments

  • CTW Womens Championship

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