Yumi Suzuki (October 22, 1969) is a Japanese retired wrestler best known for her appearances in Japanese Women Pro-Wrestling Project as Cutie Suzuki.


Suzuki was a student of the JWP dojo and made her debut in 1986 for Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling. When the original JWP split into JWP Project and Ladies Legend Pro-Wrestling over internal political disputes, Suzuki went with JWP Project headed up by Masatoshi Yamamoto.

Suzuki's also made appearances for GAEA Japan, All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling, Ladies Legend Pro-Wrestling, J'd Star and OZ Academy.

Suzuki travelled to China with JWP and the United States for World Championship Wrestling and appeared on WCW Monday Nitro and the World War 3 1995 pay per view.

Cutie found her biggest success in tag team wrestling, teaming with Mayumi Ozaki, Devil Masami and Dynamite Kansai.

Cutie was a media star, with her own video game "Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel" for the SEGA Mega-Drive, also appearing in movies and several video/photo projects that were released as videos and books.

In wrestling

  • Entrance Music
    • "Guilty" from the JWP Pure Heart album
  • Nicknames
    • "Cutie"

Championships and accomplishments

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