Craven Knyte is an American professional wrestler better known for his work across the independent circuit. He has worked for American Wrestling Federation (Minnesota) and Steel Domain Wrestling.

Career History

Knyte trained at the Long Island Wrestling Federation Doghouse and had his first in-ring match at age 14 in 2001. After moving to Minneapolis in 2005, Knyte seriously got his start with Mid-West Pro Wrestling training under Eddie Sharky and Johnny Emerald who were running shows at First Avenue. While working for MPW, he started training in a Lucha Libre style and wrestled in a few Lucha Libre shows in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Iowa, and Nebraska in front of capacity crowds while working alongside La Parka and Psicosis. Knyte started to get noticed and work for many other independent wrestling promotions and after branching out to other small promotions Knyte worked with Buck Zumoff for his Rock & Roll wrestling promotion where he traveled to small bars with large crowds and got to tag with Larry Zbyszko for one night. While wrestling in the Midwest, Knyte was mostly known for my long feud with The Prophet in Minnesota Championship Wrestling Battleground. After a couple of years, Knyte returned to First Avenue to wrestle in a big 6 man tag match for F1rst Wrestling which was being promoted by Arik Cannon. In 2010 while wrestling for Northern Lights Wrestling, Knyte describes having the honor of wrestling Jerry Lynn in the main event in what was considered to be "Match of the year" by those who saw it; that night was a big highlight of my independent wrestling career. Currently Knyte is working for the American Wrestling Federation (Minnesota) promoted by Johnny Parks and Tony Denucci and still just moving his way up the ladder as best he can.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Move
  • "Knytes Out" (modified Cutter)
  • Nicknames
  • "The Extreme Assassin"

Championships and Accomplishments

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