Corkscrew senton is a type of Senton in Professional wrestling.


This senton is performed by executing a backflip from the top turnbuckle, then spinning 180°, landing on a fallen opponent back-first. However, this move often ends with a legdrop instead of a senton, due to the difficulty of execution.

The corkscrew senton can also see the wrestler hit the move on a standing opponent. This is often referred to as the Halo, a name closely associated with Shannon Moore. This move was also called Whisper in the Wind by Jeff Hardy, though Jeff Hardy performs this when he is Irish whipped towards the turnbuckle by an opponent and proceeds to run up the turnbuckle while facing it.

Some wrestlers spin 540° when performing the move, such as The Amazing Red and Chapparita ASARI.

Corkscrew senton can also refer to a move in which a wrestler, who is on the top rope facing away from the ring, jumps backwards and turns 180° in midair before performing a senton bomb.

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