Cody Michaels (real name Mark Keenan) has an extensive background in wrestling both as an in-ring performer and also behind the scenes as a booker, promoter, and creator. He was trained by the legendary Dominic DeNucci in Pittsburgh, PA, alongside friends Mick Foley, Shane Douglas and Mark Curtis (Brian Hildebrand). He played college football prior to entering the ring. Douglas and Michaels were former college roommates.

Michaels has worked in ring beginning in 1986 for promotions such as USWA, WWE, ECW, NWA and AWA. He is credited with developing and expanding the ECW territory and fan base with the development of many major cities in the East, such as Pittsburgh and Cleveland. ECW also ran its most productive PPV in Pittsburgh, November to Remember, under the guidance of Michaels and Douglas, which drew a live audience estimated at close to 5000 and a live gate of $100,000.00, both records for the promotion at the time. Michaels was also a driving force in the most recent ECW reunion tour known as Hardcore Homecoming in 2005, which drew a record crowd in Philadelphia and was a best seller in the DVD market.

Cody developed and promoted a benefit in 1999, Curtis Goes Home, for friend Brian Hildebrand, aka Mark Curtis (WCW referee), who was battling end stage stomach cancer at the time. It is viewed by wrestling insiders and experts as one of the truly memorable events in history that actually brought together the major companies at the time, WWE, WCW, ECW, in support for one of the most genuinely loved workers ( Brian Hildebrand ) in the industry. The major stars that worked and provided support that night included Mick Foley, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Shane Douglas, Bruno Sammartino, Domenic DeNucci, Terry Taylor, DLo Brown, Al Snow, Hugh Morris, Les Thatcher, Billy Kidman, Chris Candido, and many others.

An accomplished singles and tag team wrestler, his most notable partners include Jeff Jarrett (USWA Tag Team Champions), Shane Douglas, Mick Foley, Jerry Lynn, Superstar Bill Dundee, and Dominic DeNucci himself. His most notable opponents have included Steve Austin, Eddie Gilbert, Mick Foley, The Iron Shiek, and Shane Douglas. He previously worked in a Tag Team known as The Heartbreakers in the late 1980s that was managed by the legendary Captain Lou Albano for a time. He was seriously injured in a match against John Tatum at The Sportatorium in Dallas, TX in 1991. He sustained a broken neck which eventually ended his in ring career.


He continues his involvement in the industry as an Associate Producer, booker, and creative team member. He was a Booker for the short lived MTV project Wrestling Society X.

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