Cobo Center, formerly Cobo Hall, is a convention center in downtown Detroit, Michigan. It also originally contained the Cobo Arena until its closing in 2010 and subsequent conversion into a 40,000 square foot Grand Riverview Ballroom.

The Arena was the preminant venue in Detroit for its first twenty years of existence. Not only was it the home court to the Detroit Pistons until 1978 and the NCAA D1 Indoor Track and field championships from 1965 to 1981; but it was also a frequent stop for many big musical acts. Such acts included, but not limited to Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, The Doors, Kiss, Prince, The Tragically Hip, The Who, Bruce Springsteen, Parliament-Funkadelic, Duran Duran, The Cure, Phish, and Anthrax.

Two events stand above all others that were held at the Cobo Hall. The first in 1963 following the Detroit Walk to Freedom civil rights march, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the original version of his "I Have a Dream" speech. And in 1994 when figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was attacked and clubbed in her knee during the practice for the US Figure Skating Championships.


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