CoC 2016 Zayn v Jericho

Sami Zayn is set to either receive “The Gift of Jericho” — or give “it” back to The Ayatollah of Rock ’n’ Rolla, Sunday, Sept. 25, at WWE Clash of Champions, live on the award-winning WWE Network.

This unexpected but thrilling matchup came from a most unusual source: the fact that both Zayn and Jericho were, or are, best friends with WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens. Zayn, of course, defeated Owens at WWE Battleground to supposedly end their rivalry, but KO both rebounded and surpassed The Underdog from the Underground, ascending to champion status while Zayn struggled to build on what he claimed was his most significant accomplishment.

Jericho found some success of his own by teaming with Owens as Jeri-KO, but Owens’ rise seemed to have left Jericho in the dust somewhat as well — at least, that's what Zayn said when Jericho tried to bait him on an episode of “The Highlight Reel,” leading to a brawl between the two and an immediate announcement by Raw General Manager Mick Foley that the two would go one-on-one to settle their fresh, but fiery, score.

Can The Underdog from the Underground get himself back on the right track?

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