Herman Stevens, Jr. (June 17, 1965) is an American attorney and former professional wrestling manager, best known for his attorney gimmicks as Clarence Mason in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and as J. Biggs in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) from 1996–1999.


The Clarence Mason character (probably named after Disbarred New York Civil Rights Attorney C. Vernon Mason and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas) was a lawyer, primarily brought in to play off of the publicity lawyers had gotten in the ongoing O.J. Simpson trial. His character and speaking style were plainly based on Johnnie Cochran. Mason was originally introduced as the legal counsel for Jim Cornette, who was attempting to reverse a decision at a recent In Your House PPV event that saw his team of Owen Hart and The British Bulldog lose the WWF Tag Team Titles. After this, Mason was associated with Cornette and his stable of wrestlers.

Mason eventually began to manage on his own, beginning with Crush who was, at the time, portraying an ex-convict character. Mason was also paired with Faarooq not long after, as the Nation of Domination stable was formed. Mason managed both Crush and Faarooq separately for some time, but the two were brought together in time, as Crush joined the Nation. Eventually, Faarooq would fire all of the Nation members (with the exception of D'Lo Brown) in an effort to restart the group. This would be the last of the Clarence Mason character in the WWF.

Stephens, who played Clarence Mason, however, would surface again in WCW. Now under the name J. Biggs, he would manage the Harlem Heat 2000 faction consisting of Stevie Ray, Big T., and Kash. The faction would feud with Booker T. before fading in to obscurity. Biggs would be briefly paired with Chris "Champagne" Kanyon before leaving the company without much fanfare.

Post-wrestling career

After leaving WCW, Stevens headed to south Florida and returned to his original profession, a practicing attorney. He currently practices out of offices in Delray Beach.

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